12 Hilarious Reactions to Snapchat’s Latest Map Update

The messaging app Snapchat that allows its users to send each other short videos that disappear forever after they’ve been watched recently rolled out a new update with a feature they’re calling Snap Map and it’s been getting mixed reviews.

Allowing you to track your contacts wherever they are in real time the new feature has been causing quite a lot of controversy and provoking a lot of pretty funny reactions online, because it’s been ruining friendships and relationships.

Snap Maps uses your phones GPS in order to place you on a map where users are represented by a ‘bitmoji, a small avatar that’s supposed to represent them. It even knows when you’re in the car and changes your avatar to a vehicle as well as showing large gatherings of people in one place so you know when there’s a party or when your friends are meeting up – the only problem is you might not have been invited.

Awkward social situations aside the intrusive nature of the new feature has even lead Police in the UK and in New Zealand to issue warnings to parents to disable the feature on their children’s phones out of fear that it may lead to predatory behaviour. Here are 12 pretty hilarious reactions to Snap Map.













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