New Apple Store in Chicago Will Have a Giant MacBook as Its Roof

Say what you will about Apple it’s hard to disagree with the fact that they know a thing or two about marketing and the way they put across their products right down to the stores they sell them in and their new store right by the Chicago River is certainly no exception.

A couple of days ago workers on top of the roof placed a giant apple logo on the buildings roof which just so happens to take the shape of one of their flagship laptops, the MacBook Pro, before shortly rolling it up again a few hours later.

The 20,000-square-foot store was designed by London architect firm Foster+Partners and will be giant glass structure that sits by the Chicago River. Now what we really want to know is will it flip open? with no official opening date set only time will tell.

Apple’s newest flagship store in Chicago is currently under construction, but passers by recently spotted something unusual on its roof…


Workers on the MacBook shaped roof unveiled a giant apple sticker and people quickly snapped photos.



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