This Simple Device Will Save Countless Animals From Unnecessary Suffering

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Having a pool is great for when you want to cool off but it's not so good for all the small animals that might be living nearby in your backyard, in fact they can sometimes become death traps for animals that are unable to get out once they're in.

With this in mind a wildlife biologist has come up with a simple yet effective device that allows you to still use your pool whilst offering a helping hand to anything that happens to fall in. In June 2004 Rich Mason got a call from some friends who had recently built a swimming pool in their backyard but kept finding dead frogs in their pool. Troubled by their situation and concerned for the welfare of the animals he began creating what is now called the FrogLog, a simple invention that's made of an inflatable platform with a mesh ramp that surrounds it.

The first prototypes were handmade by Mason using fabric and foam until he was happy with a final product and now it's making headlines everywhere for its simplicity and effectiveness. Mason's also receiving a lot of praise too for acting upon his concern for what many people consider insignificant creatures. For more info head over to Amazon.

Although swimming pools are great, they can also be dangerous - not just to humans but to animals too!

The chances are that if you've got a pool in your backyard you probably share that space with tiny frogs and other animals.

Pools can actually end up trapping frogs and with no way out they often die.

In 2004 wildlife biologist Rich Mason received a call from a friend who found 53 dead frogs in their pool.

And it was at this moment that the FrogLog was born!

The first prototypes were made from foam and fabric.

The FrogLog has been receiving a lot of praise for it's simplicity and effectiveness.

Mason has also received a lot of praise for his invention that helps out animals that many would consider insignificant.

The FrogLog doesn't just rescue frogs either, it can also help out mice, snakes and lends a hand to ducks too.

Which means this invention will help save thousands more lives.

Check it out in action:

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