27 Hilarious Fails That Are the Very Definition Of Bad Design

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Good design is often something that's under appreciated by many because when something is well designed you don't noticed it. Bad design however? just look around and you'll see it pretty much everywhere.

Proving that hiring a designer who knows what they're doing matters we've put together a list of hilarious design "fails", from poor menu designs to road signs and good packaging that send mixed messages. Here are 27 hilarious fails that are the very definition of bad design.

1. "Yes, one child burger please."

2. That's not how selfies work.

3. Instructions were unclear.

4. They sacrificed themselves.

5. Never underestimate the importance of security.

6. What if you're 31?

7. Mixed messages.

8. There are no words for this...

9. Make sure you forget to pay.

10. The blueprints must have been interesting.

11. Overly long message about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road.

12. Renovated windows.

13. Won't somebody think of the children!?

14. Does more than it's supposed to.

15. Pure disappointment.

16. Cycle at your own peril.

17. Applying is part of the selection process.

18. Sasa Lele!

19. Advanced training.

20. Excuse me?

21. This delightful toy.

22. Slightly horrifying playground design.

23. Fashion what!?

24. For the exhibitionists.

25. This pessimistic welcome.

26. This suspect sofa...

27. Don't peel off the label!