It’s So Hot in Arizona Right Now That People Are Sharing Photos of Things Melting

Although we’re sure we don’t have to tell the people of Arizona that they’re experiencing a heatwave right now for those fortunate enough not to be living in the Pheonix area the city has been experiencing temperatures as high as 122 °F (50 °C) – numbers that are pretty close to breaking the record for the hottest temperature recorded since June 26, 1990. 

To highlight just how hot it is people have been sharing some pretty eye-opening images of what the extreme heat is doing – including photos of things melting!

Temperatures are so hot in Arizona right now that people are sharing photos of all the chaos it’s causing.

1. This guys cactus is slowly wilting away.


2. Airplanes can’t fly because it’s too hot.


3. People are baking cookies inside their car, and they’re turning out pretty tasty too!


4. It’s so hot that the weather map is running out of colours.


5. This plastic mail box in Mesa, Arizona, couldn’t stand the heat.


6. You need oven gloves in order to drive.


7. Street signs in Phoenix are melting.


8. People’s fake plastic fences are melting.


9. Better than an oven.



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