22 Photos That Will Probably Annoy You More Than They Should

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Although some of us get caught up on seeing something that's out of place, out of line or slightly flawed a lot more than others it's hard to turn a blind eye to these 22 photos that are bad enough to trigger even the most easy-going amongst us.

Whether it's someones incredibly messy desktop on their laptop or a pair of windows that have been converted on an old building and don't line up at all these photos will probably annoy you way more than they should, perfectionist or not.

1. These renovated windows.

2. This shirt.

3. This guys headphones.

pictures that you will find mildly infuriating 18

4. Hidden in plain sight.

5. People that block the window seats.

6. Damn it.

7. This desktop.

8. This is why people have trust issues.

9. Someone ordered next day delivery. This is the trip that it's taken over the last four days.

10. When pencils do this.

11. Why!?

12. These light switches.

13. Can't hear? now you can't see either.

14. Needing a separate app to message people.

15. This lonely pepper shaker.

16. This speaks for itself.

17. What is this art gallery doing?

18. This. Which happens every time.

19. The amount of packaging needed for one pill.

20. This bathroom stall that offers no privacy.

21. This.

22. It was his first flight, and they specifically booked a window seat.