15 Amazing Winning Entries to Dog Photographer of the Year 2017

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If you're lucky enough to have a four pawed friend in your life the chances are that 90% of the photos on your phone are of them doing pretty much the same thing - but you're not alone. Whether you're armed with a smartphone snapping a photo of your dog laying on the sofa or you're a photographer with a DSLR the draw to photographer mans best friend is real and with one look at the stunning entries to Dog Photographer of the Year and it's easy to see why.

The competition which is organised by UK-based animal welfare organisation Kennel Clu features dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes and has 11 categories, from Dog Portrait to Puppies and Special Mentions.

Showcasing why dogs will always have a soft spot in all of our hearts this years competition winners captures each of the dogs personalities and characters, whether it's a funny pose from a dog running through the great outdoors or a more intimate moment shared between dog and human. You can learn more about the competition here.

Man’s Best Friend Category, 3rd Place Winner

Rescue Dogs Charity Category, 1st Place Winner

Man’s Best Friend Category, 2nd Place Winner

Judges’ Special Mention Puppies Category

Oldies Category, 2nd Place Winner

I Love Dogs Because… (Ages 11 to 17) Category, 1st Place Winner 

Assistance Dogs Category, 1st Place Winner

Judges’ Special Mention Rescue Dog Charity Category 

Puppies Category, 1st Place Winner

Dog Portrait Category, 2nd Place Winner

Dogs at Work Category, 3rd Place Winner 

Dogs at Play Category, 1st Place Winner

Dogs at Play Category, 3rd Place Winner

Dogs at Work Category, 2nd Place Winner 

Overall Winner and Man's Best Friend 1st Place Winner