17 Fascinating Photos of Things That Have Worn out Over Time

No matter what it is or what it’s made from nothing can escape the passage of time. That goes for us and everything around us, from the cars we drive to the phones we use and eventually even the homes we live in. It’s nothing new, however actually seeing the wear and tear of everyday life on objects right in front of you is pretty damn fascinating….

This list of things that have worn out over time shows how even the toughest of marble floors and even handles made from metal slowly succumb to years and years of constant use.

1. This pillar that’s been worn down from years and years of passers by touching it.

2. This middle seat which is never used, because sitting next to strangers is so terrifying.


3. This cars volume button has slowly become a victorian portrait.


4. The paint on this chocolate shops door which has been worn down to reveal all of its previous colours.


5. A £500 bundle of new notes vs a £500 bundle of used notes.


6. This photocopier has been used so much the paper is starting to wear it down.


7. The wear marks on this tetherball pole.


8. 15 years worth of wear from kids turning a handle at a science museum.


9. The worn marble steps leading to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


10. A silver dollar that’s been carried around since 1952.


11. The floor right by the register of a restaurant that opened in 1924.


12. Marble floor worn down over the years from people waiting in line at a bank.


13. Sun damage on one side of the face after being a truck driver for 28 years.


14. The life of a penny in one photo.


15. This lamp pole that’s expanded over the years thanks to thousands of posters.


16. Before and after power washing apartments in New York.


17. His parents bought two identical teddies more than 30 years ago. One they kept in storage for his own child. Here’s the difference.



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