Rainbow Ice Cream Tacos Are This Summers Most Colourful Treat

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Just in time for the summer an ice cream shop called Sweet Cup has unveiled a new tasty treat that's been receiving a lot of attention on Instagram for it's vibrant colours. The Southern California-based shop has called their the new creation the rainbow ice cream taco, a title that they're more than deserving of.

Featuring a waffle cone shell in a variety of colours and with just about every flavour of ice cream (which comes in rolls instead of scoops) and toppings you could possibly want it seems that the combinations are pretty much endless - although they do have a set menu to choose from, including ice creams such as Rainbow Road and Monster Ink.

For those thinking of heading down to the ice cream shop to grab a taco make sure to plan ahead as they currently only offer the ice cream tacos on Tuesdays. We hope this trend catches on in other places too!

A Southern Californian ice cream shop called Sweet Cup has come up with an awesome creation just in time for summer, the rainbow ice cream taco.