Hong-Kong Based Company Makes Cat 'LEGOS' for People Who Love All Things Cat

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What happens when the world's most awesome and creative toy meets the most pawesome animal their is? LEGO cats are formed. That's right, anyone that's mad enough about cats even after having the real deal can now take it a step further with one of these interesting LEGO cat sculptures created by Hong-Kong-based company JECKA.

Available in a variety of colours and patterns the 1.6 ft high cats aren't available in different breeds however they do come in various positions, whether that's perched on a table top or playfully stretching on the sofa. The good news is that the LEGO sculptures won't fall part either - "These cats are like real sculptures and will not collapse or break apart," the company writes over on its Facebook Page. So there you have it - purrfect if you love all things 'cat'.