Local Authorities Cut down This Man’s 30-Year-Old Tree and His Revenge Is Genius

Sometimes no matter how hard you fight for what is right you don’t always get the outcome you want. But let this story serve as a lesson that there’s always hope, even if that hope is deep rooted in revenge.

One man from Redondo Beach, California, found himself in a rather unfortunate predicament after he was told by his local council that one of his favourite trees, who he had named Clyde, would have to be cut down.

Despite fighting to save his 30-year-old pepper tree it was still cut down and later he billed for its removal. So what did he do? he avenged the death of his favourite tree by secretly planting 45 California Redwoods and 82 Giant Sequoias in a plan that’s as cunning as it is genius….

After one man in Redondo Beach, California, had his tree cut down he got revenge in the best way. Here’s how…

Credit: Reddit

And just incase you’re wondering how big a giant sequoia can get, here’s a lodge placed amongst a forest of them in Yosemite.

Vicente Villamón


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