The Internet Has Fallen in Love with the World's Most Colourful Apartment and You Will Too

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Amina Mucciolo, who also goes by the online name of Studio Mucci has been causing quite a stir recently on the internet and for one good reason - she's the proud owner of what could possibly be the most colourful living space on the internet.

The designer recently transformed her apartment into one giant rainbow filled canvas with purple and pink walls as well as a whole host of other colourful accessories including a flower wall, coloured storage cabinets and paper cranes crafted from paper in just about every colour imaginable. It doesn't stop there either - Mucciolo is even rocking a pretty colourful outfit herself with hair and glitter makeup to match!

Whilst not to everyone's taste there's no denying that Mucciolo's colour scheme certainly livens things up. You can see more of her apartment and what she gets up to by joining her 185k followers on Instagram.