16 Absurd Items of Clothing You Can Buy Right Now

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Fashion by its very nature pushes boundaries and sets new trends, but what we tend to buy from our favourite stores tends to always be a little less 'out there' than what we're used to seeing on the catwalk... except for these outfits and items of clothing that is!

Although fashion can often be subject and everyone's taste is different it's hard not to question some of the design choices made as you go through this rather interesting list of 'fashionable' items of clothing.

1. Ugg Sandals

2. Denim Jacket

3. Detachable Jeans

4. Muddy Jeans

5. Cutout Top

6. 'Oversized' Jumpsuit

7. Cowboy Boot Sandals

8. Fenty Puma by Rihanna

9. 'Cold' Shoulder Jacket

10. See-through Plastic Jean

11. High Neck Zip Through Collar

12. Hug Me Jacket

13. Detachable Jeans

14. Lace Outfits For Men

15. Hairy Chest Swimwear

16. Elbowbag

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