Michelin Just Announced a New Device That Will Make Cycling Safer at Night

Whilst the number of vehicles on the road continues to grow year on year getting around during rush hour in busy capitals can be a living nightmare, so it comes as no surprise that urban bike shares are becoming increasingly popular amongst both commuters and tourists and whilst getting around on two wheels has its advantages it’s not without its flaws, the main concern being safety.

Whilst efforts to create bike lanes in busy cities have been made progress is often slow leaving it down to the rider to ensure that they’re safe amongst traffic and one company that’s trying to help cyclists out is Tire manufacturer Michelin with their new bike technology called Bikesphere.

Simple in concept the small device sits on the bikes handlebars and projects a red ring of light around the rider creating a virtual ‘safe zone’ around the cyclist which will hopefully prevent some of the 5,000 otherwise avoidable bike related incidents each year that are caused by drivers getting too close to cyclists.

Cooler still is that the device doesn’t just emit light and is also active in monitoring what’s going on around the rider using proximity sensors that can detect when a cyclist might be in danger and intensifying the projection.

Tire manufacturer Michelin has come up with a simple device that will make cycling safer at night


Drivers often get too close to cyclists, so a small light at the front of the bike emits a ‘safe zone’ around the bike that creates a virtual boundary


It also uses sensors to detect when a cyclist may be in danger and intensifies the projection


During the day the Bikesphere conserves its batteries and only activates its position lights


You can learn more about the device in this video:

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