The Internet Cant Get Enough of the Taiwan Police Forces Newest K-9 Recruits

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Although police forces around the world do an excellent job of keeping law and order many of them would be nothing without their loyal K-9 counterparts right by their side. In the case of Taiwan's Police K-9 units dogs play a serious role in fighting drug related crime as well as detecting bombs and blood, a job at that their latest and rather adorable recruits will no doubt soon excel at!

The latest arrivals to the NPA'S K-9 unit are Lucky Star, Full Moon, AJ, Brother Schumann and Feida and unknown to them they've been kicking up quite the fuss online thanks to their adorable looks and miniature uniforms.

Apparently being a police dog runs in their blood as their mother, named Yellow, is already part of the police K-9 unit. It's hoped that her puppies will follow in her footsteps and join units based in Taipei but right now they're far to busy eating, sleeping and above all stealing everyones hearts. More info can be found on their Facebook page.

Taiwan's police force has just welcomed four new arrivals, Lucky Star, Full Moon, AJ, Brother Schumann and Feida

The doggies will be part of an anti drug and bomb detection K-9 Unit

Although right now they're just puppies, and have far more pressing matters to deal with...

Such as eating, sleeping, playing and stealing everyones hearts...

But once they've had their fun it's hoped they'll follow in their parent's footsteps

Helping to fight crime and save the day!