27 Photos That Prove Cats Might Just Be the Weirdest Pets Ever

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Although the unofficial spirit animal of the internet cats aren't without their flaws and for anyone that owns one (or is owned by one, if they had it their way) you'll know that they can get pretty weird at times.

From gazing into open space at something that either is or isn't there to constantly wanting attention whilst feeling the need to bite your hand off the moment you do shower them with affection cats can be real jerks at times - so it helps that they're also pretty amazing pets too. In celebration of just how weird they can be sometimes here are 27 photos of cats behaving strangely.

1. This is what happens when he gets excited.

2. Office cat can't take it anymore!

3. He's most comfy when sitting on his butt.

4. Hanging on in there!

5. He always tries to get into the fridge when it's open. Here he succeeded.


cats behaving strangely 19

7. The hungover look.

8. Because water bowls are too mainstream.

cats behaving strangely 23

9. George, the kitty that likes to stand on two legs!

10. Just chilling.

11. When you sit down for 5 minutes and it turns into a power nap.

12. Looking absolutley fabulous.

13. Why are they sitting like this!?

14. How many cats does it take to fit a lightbulb?

15. Look at those little paws!

16. Pole dancer

17. Is it possible to arrange exorcisms for cats?

18. That's one interesting way to sit.


20. Is this even a cat anymore?

cats behaving strangely 4

21. Move along... nothing to see here.

22. This is how this kitty likes to sleep.

23. This kitty just likes to sit like this.

24. Apparently she meows until you rock her.

25. Is this bat cat?

26. Cat splat!

27. Wave your hands in the air...