The 32 Greatest Photoshop Battles of All Time

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If you visit BlazePress regularly you'll know that we're a huge fan of photoshop battles and the hilarious twists and turns they often take at the hands of the internets most creative and funny Photoshop lovers.

Photoshop is a program that allows it's users to digitally manipulate images and whilst it's creators probably intended its use to be slightly more commercial than an online Photoshop, we all know that it when it comes to editing photos it doesn't get any better than this.

This list celebrates some of the funniest and greatest Photoshop battles of all time, from a frog that looks like Princess Leia to a sloth that's extra excited to be rescued and they're guaranteed to leave you smiling.

1. This Handcarved Avocado

2. Poker Face

3. Salt Bae Switchup

4. The Hesitant Handshake

5. Dog In A Tree

6. Gecko Playing A Leaf

7. Posing Monkey

8. Skydiving Dog

9. Bird by the Fire

10. Fire Fox

11. Mr. Steal Your Girl

12. The Circle of Life

13. This Is Sparta!

14. Princess Leia the Frog

15. Awkward Dog

16. Smooth Criminal

17. The Most Unflattering Photo of Donald Trump

18. George W. Bush at Donald Trumps Inauguration

19. The Food Gamble

20. The Get Along Shirt

21. Trump Attempting to Close His Pen

22. Leonardo DiCaprio Hiding from the Paparazzi

23. Donald Trump In A Bathrobe

24. Badass Hawk

25. Cat Falling Down A Sofa

26. "Just A Minute of Your Time Please, Sir."

27. Quokka Photobomb!

28. Cat in a Tree Stump

29. Dog-Friendly Gate

30. Rescued Sloth

31. German Shepherd On Ice

32. Hugh Jackman Looking Through a Car Window