21 People Who Bought Food and Hit the Jackpot

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There are few things that can make the moment you bite into your favourite food taste even better, one of them being the moment you realise you've hit the jackpot and got yourself more than you bargain for - as is the case for these people.

When it comes to happiness there can't be many moments greater than buying a two pizzas and unexpectedly finding out that you've got an extra one free - winning!

1. This huge strawberry.

2. The luckiest of charms!

3. A triple Kiwi!

4. Two bananas for the price of one.

5. This insanely long curly fry.

6. Five guys offered this person extra bacon otherwise it would be thrown away. They were given this!

7. This egg which had another tiny egg inside of it.

8. Five peanuts found in one shell.

9. 8 grapes fused into 1.

10. These gigantic blueberries.

11. Found in a bag of Skittles.

12. This gigantic Lemon.

13. A kinder surprise with a double layer of chocolate.

14. Hit the jackpot!

people getting more than they bargained for 5

15. Miniature pepper within a red pepper.

16. Multiple strawberries in one.

17. A batch of double yolked eggs.

18. Vending machine had an error at work.. Distributed everything at once.

19. An orange within an orange.

20. This rindless watermelon.

21. Finally, this pitless avocado.