Barber Quoted £1000 for New Shop Floor Uses 70,000 Pennies Instead

After barber shop owner Rich Holtham was quoted £1000 for a new shop floor he decided he’d do it himself, although he wouldn’t be using your everyday materials. Instead he went to the bank and exchanged 700 pounds into 70,000 pennies to cover the floor of his barber shop.

The cost of a normal floor was pretty high, so Holtham thought why not spend a little more and get a truly unique floor instead. After spending a while searching online for inspiration he decided that a penny floor would be a cool idea, so he and his team set to work creating one.

They spent a full week of gluing coins to the ground before the grouting and resin was added on top and although the finally outcome was a little more expensive than the original quote the unique floor has attracted a lot of passers by and been great for businesses. “We have had a lot of interest in the floor, to be fair. Passers-by keep coming into the shop to take a few photos. We have gained a lot of business from it,” Holtham told the Daily Mail.

After barber shop owner Rich Holtham was quoted £1000 for a new floor he decided he could do better…

So instead, he used 70,000 pennies to cover the entire floor of his shop

He and his team spent over a week glueing the pennies to the floor

In total they spent £700 on pennies. Cheaper than the original quotes, however slightly more expensive with the resin and grouting needed to fix them in place.

Although the extra cost was worth it, as now the shop has a truly unique floor

Which has been getting a lot of attention…

Which has been great for business!

h/t DailyMail

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