This Adorable Baby Tasmanian Devil Follows His Human Wherever He Goes


Most of you are probably familiar with Tasmanian Devils thanks to Taz from the Looney Tunes, you know, the one that used to spin really, really quickly. Well the sad news is that they’re actually an endangered species. The good news however is that people like Tim Faulkner are dedicated to making sure that they stick around thanks to their hard work in giving them a helping had – particularly the baby ones.

In fact, there’s one baby in particular that’s recently become pretty attached to Tim, so much so that he’s constantly chasing him around. Tasmanian Devils are known for forming strong bonds and this little guys infatuation with Tim just goes to further prove so.

The tiny Devil you see in the video is just one of 150 Tasmanian devils that roam the Devil Ark’s free-range facilities in New South Wales, Tomalla. You can see more over on Facebook.

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