25 Photos That Prove Golden Retrievers Are the Cutest Puppies

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Dogs are known for the unconditional love towards their human best friends and the only thing more pure than the love of a dog for its owner is that of a newborn puppy, thanks to their adorable looks and temperament and few come close than Golden Retrievers.

Known for being intelligent, trust worthy and friendly it comes as no surprise that they're actually the 4th most popular dog breed in the world. One look at this adorable list of puppies and it's easy to see why!

1. Look at those paws!

2. Belly rubs are the best.

3. Puppy in the park.

4. He loves to go swimming.

5. Stuck pup.

6. Cuddle time.

7. The cutest lineup ever? probably.

8. Early morning walks can be tiring.

9. A tub full of gold.

10. Dinner time?

11. His name is Rocket.

12. Mother and pup.

13. Therapy dog brought to a school, takes a nap on the job.

14. This is how play time ends.

15. That smile is so photogenic.

16. Not sure if puppy or polar bear.

17. Wave those paws in the air!

18. Did someone say nap time?

19. Cutest high five ever.

20. Off on an adventure!

21. 11 two-week-old golden retrievers.

22. Everything you need for the perfect photoshoot.

23. He can't fit in his favourite hiding place anymore.

24. Photobomb.

25. "My friends golden just had puppies."