Street Artists ‘Delete’ Car from Real World Using Clever Optical Illusion

Taking inspiration Photoshop a group of street artists have made their very own optical illusion that appears to ‘delete’ a car from the real world – leaving behind the empty checkered canvas you see when you delete a layer in Photoshop.

The piece is appropriately titled CTRL+X, a command that deletes everything that you’ve selected in Photoshop and leaves behind what’s underneath which in this instance is nothing. In order to pull of the illusion the artists first painted the car and the dumpster next to it with white paint before painting on the tiled effect with the help of a projection to help them highlight where to draw the lines.

CTRL+X was created as part of Stenograffia which is annual Russian Street art festival, more of which you can see here.



Behind the scenes:

via UltraLinx

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