Meatball the Fat Cat Kept Eating Everyone’s Food, so His Owners Came up with a Clever Solution

This is Meatball, the fat dad cat that loves eating so much he takes it upon himself to eat everyone else’s food as well, so much so that his owners had to step in and come up with a solution. Recently Meatball became a parent and the moment his owners decided to give the kitties some solid food Meatball took it as an opportunity to help himself.

Leaving his partner Mochi and his two kittens Nugget and Pepper hungry and without food from all of his greed Meatball’s owners, Daphnie and her husband Koon Wah, who live in Hong Kong, decided they had to do something about it. In order to tackle Meatball’s greed they set about creating a feeding booth that has partitioned walls to keep all four of them separate whilst they eat and so far so good!

Meatball and Pepper are the chunkier of the four cats however their weight is slowly coming down, although we can hardly blame Meatball for his actions. He saw an opportunity and took it, although he’s on the right path now!

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This is Meatball, the fat dad cat that loves nothing more than eating, even if it’s at the expense of his kids

Meatball recently became a dad to two kittens, however the moment they were given solid food he saw an opportunity and took it…

He took the opportunity to binge on everyone else’s food as well as his own, which has lead to him gaining weight

To tackle the problem his humans came up with a clever feeding booth system that means each kitty gets the right amount of food…

But more importantly that Meatball doesn’t eat more than his fair share!

Whilst it’s helped separate them Meatball is still a little bit chubbier than the rest of his family

But at least he’s now on the right path…

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