Artist Builds a Luxury Car Made from 12,000 Pieces of Reflective Steel

Modelled on a Mercedes Benz S550 artist Jordan Griska‘s 2016 sculpture titled Wreck is a life-sized replica depicted of a vehicle that’s been in a crash with a difference – it’s made from nearly 12,000 individual pieces of reflective stainless steel!

Inspired by a series of car crash prints by Andy Warhol, Griska set about creating a piece that’s almost sterile and devoid of colour with the intention of reflecting mortality as well as exploring luxury through a removed perspective. “The sculpture mirrors the peak of today’s automobile industry by using digital technology and meticulous handcraft to subvert both utopian dreams and reality,” writes Philadelphia Contemporary, where it was unveiled last year at Philadelphia’s Pier 9.

You can see more of the artists work on his website and Instagram.

Philadelphia Contemporary
Jordan Griska
Jordan Griska
Jordan Griska

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