24 Times Hotels Failed in the Most Hilarious Way

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Staying at a new hotel you've never been to before can something of a lottery, especially if the reviews online are both bad and good - but if you travel a lot it's just something you learn to accept whilst always trying to choose wisely. Some hotels brag about the views their rooms offers, the fantastic gym they have or the "cinema room" but in reality it should all be taken with a pinch of salt.

Although these hotels have messed up their fails are hardly deal breakers, in fact you'd probably just laugh them off because of how damn ridiculous they are! here's 24 times hotels managed to fail in the most hilarious way.

1. This hotels no expense spared "cinema."

2. Getting to the second floor - mission impossible!

3. That's all you need to know.

4. This hotels WiFi password.

5. This Spanish hotels pool can't be an accident.

6. Copy and paste.

7. The irony.

8. Staying in a rubbish hotel in New York when suddenly...

9. The world's most confusing bathroom.

10. A beautiful showcase.

11. You better have long arms.

12. This mirror which is pretty much a real life Snapchat filter.

13. "This is on the bed in my hotel room."

14. This seating area that's impossible to get to - challenge accepted?

15. Overwhelming generosity!

16. This hotels name.

17. Not the view they were promised.

18. You can only close one at a time - now that's dual purpose!tf

19. There was an attempt.

20. At least they are honest.

21. These rules.

22. These lights.

23. On a business trip and they decided to save money by getting a double room. Didn't expect this...

24. A non-smoking ashtray for a non-smoking hotel.