Artist Cleverly Illustrates How Superheroes Would Use Their Powers to Play Sports

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Malaysian-based artist Chow Hon Lam, who also goes by the online name of Flyingmouse 65, is an artist, illustrator and hugely popular tee shirt designer who's teeshirts have sold in their hundreds and thousands - but when he's not busy working his favourite pass time is working on illustrative series featuring pop culture figures.

For his latest series, titled Sporty Buddy, Chow imagines what it would be like if superheroes stopped saving the world and started playing sport instead. Matching the superheroes with their abilities we see The Hulk take on the high jump, Mr. Fantastic play basketball and Sonic do the 100m sprint. You can see more of Chow's work on his website as well as his Instagram.

1. Batman tries his hand at boxing.

2. Hulk takes on the high jump.

3. Superman playing tennis.

4. Wonder woman becomes a gymnast.

5. Mr. Fantastic shoots some hoops playing basketball.

6. Iron Man does a triathlon.

7. Sporty Thor plays croquet.

8. Flash and Sonic race in the 100m sprint.

9. Spiderman cheats whilst in goal.

10. Captain America competes in the Discus Throw.