Hylophobia Is Real and If You Need Proof, Just Look at These Photos

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If you have a fear of the woods then you're not alone, it's actually a pretty common fear to have and it's known as Hylophobia.

And despite what people say, it's very much real, because of things like this...

And if you think you don't have it, ask yourself "would I walk down this path?"

Or stick around if you came across something like this in the woods?

Or if you spotted this?

The fear is thought to stem from Dendrophobia, otherwise known as the fear of trees.

Common fears associated with Hylophobia include getting lost in woodland and getting attacked by strange creatures...

And when there's photos like this floating around it's pretty easy to see why.

Would you go in here for a free hug?

Imagine stumbling across this.

You'd probably run and hope nothing was following.

Many people also fear either being killed or seeing someone murdered in a forest...

For which we have Hollywood to blame.

But you never know what's lurking out there.

via Buzzfeed