Could This Tiny Home Be the Answer to the UK’s Housing Crisis?

In an attempt to solve the UK’s housing crisis Estonian design collection Kodasema has unveiled a tiny prefabricated home that takes less than a day to build and has been designed to fit onto sites that are currently vacant.

Named the “Koda House,” the building features an open plan kitchen and bedroom with a mezzanine sleeping area and small bathroom at the rear, all packed into a concrete exterior with solar panels on top. To let light in the front of the home is made from one giant pane glass whilst the rear has a small window. It even has a small terrace, however for the asking price of £150,000 ($194,000 USD) you’d hope so to.

That price however does include everything, from planning, delivery right up to connecting the homes water and electricity. With the demand for new homes high and the cost of existing properties slowly rising could something like the Koda House be the answer to the UK’s housing crisis? for more info head over to Kodasema.

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