China Is Now Home to the World’s Cutest Solar Farm

Panda Green Energy

Although an unusual title to hold we can safely say that the Panda Power Plant in the Shanxi province of China is unofficially the world’s cutest ever solar farm thanks to its cleverly arranged solar panels that come together to create a mosaic-like image of a panda when viewed from above.

Construction on the renewable energy plant began in November 2016 and now the first phase is complete meaning that the first 50 MW panda is already hooked up to the grid – that’s right, there’s going to be two of them!

It’s hoped that once the plant is complete and both panda solar farms are connected up to the grid they could have a capacity of over 100 MW and is expected to produce 3.2 billion kWh of green electricity in 25 years. The plant has been created as part of an initiative put together by Panda Green Energy in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program as a push to educate China’s young on renewable and sustainable energy.

Panda Green Energy

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