This Helmet Could Be the Answer to a More Productive Day At Work

Trying to get a productive day in at the office is never easy especially when you’re easily distracted by what’s going on around you. This was the thinking behind Ukranian design company Hochu Rayu‘s helmet concept that aims to give the wearer privacy and remove background noise allowing them to focus on the task in hand.

Called the Helmfon inspiration for the project came when Hochu Rayu set about designing a new phone booth for an IT company. After considering the way we communicate they set about creating a new tool that would “allow you to be in two worlds just sitting on your chair in the office, in a meeting, or everywhere you feel like just wearing your helmet.”

The helmet comes equipped with blue tooth, a camera and a microphone so that you can stay within your own world for as long as possible whilst answering calls without disturbing those around you. As far as looks go you have to ask yourself “would I really wear this in the work place?,” and if it were just you the answer would probably be a no, although if every colleague had one on you could be swayed. For more info head here.

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