Nike Just Unveiled Their New York Headquarters, Complete with Giant Planted Swoosh


Nike have just unveiled their new headquarters in the city of New York and it’s every bit as impressive as you’d expect from the world’s largest sports brand.

Boasting an indoor basketball court and topped with a huge swish made from Sedum plants the Nike NYHQ occupies six floors of an existing building on 855 Avenues of the Americas has been designed by Nike’s own Workplace Design and Connectivity team in partnership with local architecture firm Studios Architecture.

Although originally founded in Oregon the new HQ is hoping to establish a stronger connection with the city – made clear by the giant swoosh on top of the building it occupies which is visible from one of New York’s most famous building, the Empire State.


Over the six floors that Nike now occupy you’ll find a 4,000 square feet basketball court capable of seating 400 people as well as open-plan styled offices and spaces that have been designed to inspire creativity and collaboration amongst the 180 employees who will work there.

The basketball court will be a community focused feature to the HQ, hosting local league games as well allowing high-school teams to play – and of course the employees are welcome to use it too. 


The open plan design of the building and its office space will allow staff to get together and collaborate as well as offering plenty of places for other get togethers – there’s even a Volkswagen van that’s been turned into a small meeting room!

But it’s not just any van, the designers choose it as a reference to the original van that Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman used to originally distribute the companies shoes.

The second storey of the building will be occupied by workspaces with the option to work at a sitting or standing desk designed by office furniture designers Mash Studios.


Artwork referencing the companies history and own branding is also placed throughout as well as furniture and layout designs that reference different sporting events. On the third floor there’s a bleacher-style stadium set of stairs as well as a truck similar to what you would find at a sports game that serves staff food.

There’s also a tunnel that forms the entrance to the HQ, designed to make employees and visitors feel like athletes about to enter a stadium – pretty cool!



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