Brilliantly Illustrated Periodic Table Shows the Role Elements Play in Everyday Life

Unless you’re particularly passionate about science it can sometimes seem like a tedious subject whilst in school because by its very nature its incredibly complex and hard to get your head around.

Anyone that has been to school however will more than likely be familiar with the periodic table from chemistry classes – a table full of elements arranged by their atomic number that’s notoriously hard to remember, at least that was until Boeing software engineer Keith Enevoldsen came up with this simple solution.

Rather than simply list the elements name Enevoldsen has designed an illustrated periodic table that also demonstrates what the element is used for in the real world – making it far easier to remember an element by associating it with their most common uses.

The best part is that he keeps the periodic table updated, so when new elements are discovered they’re added too. Aside from being viewable on higher resolution here they’re also available for printing as a high-quality poster, because having a periodic table that looks this good on your wall isn’t all that bad!

Keith Enevoldsen
Keith Enevoldsen
Keith Enevoldsen
Keith Enevoldsen

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