Royal Navy Sea King Gets Transformed into Unique Glamping Pod

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Bought at an auction put on by Ministry of Defence for retired military vehicles and craft this 56ft-long Royal Navy Sea King was purchased by Stirling based farmer Martyn Steedman with one thing in mind - to create what has to be one of the coolest 'glamping' retreats in the UK.

Steedman paid a reasonable £7,000 ($9,000) for the Sea King helicopter which has been retired from active service since 1994, an absolute steal considering a new version of the Sea King will set you back a rather cool $6.4 million.

Inspiration for the project came after Steedman had seen the Sea Kings being flown over Wallace Monument in a farewell flight and reading the paper the day after which mentioned they would be sold off. It was at this point he thought "why not" and set about making plans to turn one into a unique caravan/glamping pod complete with double and triple beds as well as a single bed located in the helicopters tail.

Upon arrival the Sea King was merely a shell of the aircraft it once was however Steedman's done an amazing job of restoring to its former glory, adding rotors and lights to the exterior whilst insulting the inside to give it a touch of comfort . All whilst keeping some of it's most interesting features such as the cockpits and all of it's instruments. For more information head here.