Security Guard Robot Decides to End Itself by Driving into a Shopping Centre Pond

We all have our good days and our bad days at work and whilst some jobs carry more responsibility and stress than others, no matter what you do sometimes you just feel like you want stay at home in bed. There are numerous ways you can get off of work, the classic being calling in sick, however one robot Shopping Mall employee recently took things to the extreme and his actions have left the internet in mourning.

Knightscope, the creators of the K5 security robot state that it’s better than a real guard because it “never gets bored of what it does,” however after it decided to throw itself into a mall pond we’re not so sure that statement is true.

After a member of staff working at the Mall uploaded a photo of the K5 robot’s tragic demise with the caption “We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots,” the tweet soon went viral with people all over Twitter mourning for the loss of the K5 for whom it was all just too much. Knightscope told Cnet that the incident was isolated and that they’re looking into the matter.

A K5 security robot tasked with looking after a shopping mall couldn’t cope with the stress…

Having a bad day the K5 decided that it was done and drove itself into a mall pond.

An employee at the mall then tweeted a photo of the K5’s tragic ending…

And everyone else feels it pain.

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