The Truth Behind Those “Shot on iPhone” Adverts You Always See

We’re used to seeing smoothly shot and glossy videos that serve as adverts for smartphones supposedly shot by the very phone they’re advertising but as impressive as they are it’s hard to go out and shoot your own miniature masterpiece using your own, buy why is that?

One such brand that’s guilty of creating these glossy shorts is Apple with their “shot on iPhone” series of adverts which they’ve released again and again over the years and whilst they’re a fascinating look at what the iPhone is capable of what they don’t tell you is that it’s not without a helping hand from other pieces of tech.

The good news however is that these tech accessories that both sound and look expensive are actually far more accessible than you’d think, as pointed out by YouTube tech blogger Marques Brownlee in his latest video.

Take a close look at the small print at the end of the adverts and you’ll see “additional equipment and software used,” which is another way of saying that you’ll need a lot more than just an iPhone to shoot something as impressive. Nevertheless Brownlee explains how it can be done.

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