Watch a Stock Tesla Model S Surprise Street Racers


Although any true petrolhead will defend the internal combustion engine, whether in terms of performance, noise or character, it’s hard to deny the facts – or in this case video evidence that electric cars are incredibly quick. In this video by YouTube channel 1320video we see a Tesla Model S P100D that’s been stripped of all it’s internal until there’s nothing but the drivers seat and all that’s needed to propel it from 0-60 in just 2.28 seconds.

With all wheel drive, 760 horsepower and instant torque the stripped Model S that now weighs 4400 pounds – 560 pounds lighter than it leaves the factory makes light work of the other street racers and all the petrol-fuelled noise and burning rubber they bring to the table.

Whilst a Model S might not have the same charisma as a 5-litre mustang it certainly proves it can hold its own.

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