18 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Sum up Working in an Office

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Working from an office is a daily occurrence for many of us and whilst the idea of a traditional office might seem a bit bland and boring, it's the employees that make them a far better place to be - if you like your coworkers of course.

Rebelling against their jobs sat at a desk these people like to have a little fun from time to time, even if it's at their coworkers expense. Here are 18 hilarious photos that perfectly sum up working in an office.

1. Apparently the IT department give these out to people who break their laptops.

2. This leaving cake.

3. Leaving the office for 10 minutes.

4. This cruelty.

5. A wall dedicated to the best burns.

6. Someone got tired of people asking where ed is... so made this.

7. A sight you would only see in a dog friendly office.

8. Working with wannabe comedians.

9. Productivity chart.

10. Someone has a great sense of humour at work.

11. A coworker kept placing his foot under the divider, so they added googly eyes.

12. A coworker added this to the coffee machine.

13. He wanted a standing desk.

14. The paleontology department on Halloween.

15. Welcome to the office safari.

16. "People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office."

17. A coworker spilt wine on the office floor - luckily someone fixed it!

18. Some coworkers can't help themselves.