22 Incredible Finalists from the World's Largest Photography Competition

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This year the EyeEm community received a record number of entries to its annual photography competition, with over 590,000 submissions received from more than 88,000 photographers all over the world.

Somehow the judging panel, which was made up of representatives from National Geographic, VII Photo Agency, Refinery29, BBC and more, have worked their way through the more than half a million entries to give us a list of the top 100 photos that have made it through to the final.

Below we've rounded up 22 of our favourite photos, but for the full list make sure to visit the competitions website.

1. By Francisco Javier Hoyos Carcedo - The Photojournalist

2. By Jeremy Cheung - The Architect

3. By Nils Leithold - The Great Outdoors

4. By Scott Firestone - The Architect

5. By Lennin Ruiz - The Street Photographer

6. By Tim Gaweco - The Photojournalist

7. By Stefano Rulli - The Great Outdoors

8. By Michael Moeller - The Great Outdoors

9. By Denise Kwong - The Photojournalist

10. By Angkul - The Street Photographer

11. By Michael Shauer - The Great Outdoors

12. By Maciej Dakowicz- The Street Photographer

13. By Kimberly Dela Cruz - The Photojournalist

14. By Anthony Castro - The Great Outdoors

15. By Simon - The Great Outdoors

16. By Justin Edward Okoye - The Great Outdoors

17. By Xiao Han - The Great Outdoors

18. By Guiga Pirá - The Great Outdoors

19. By Yicheng Xiao - The Great Outdoors

20. By Pau Buscató - The Street Photographer

21. By Marc Leppin - The Great Outdoors

22. By Masaki Sato - The Great Outdoors