20 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture the Happiness of Living Alone

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Although it's often drummed into us that in order to be truly happy you need to find a significant other in reality this couldn't be further from the truth, as proven by these heartfelt and touching illustrations from LA-based illustrator, painter and animator Yaoyao Ma Van As.

Perfectly capturing the quirks and perks of living alone, from the tranquility to the unquestioned midnight raids of the fridge the artist makes living alone look blissful. You can find more of the artist's work on their website.

1. Doing nothing all day.

2. Enjoying a morning to yourself.

3. Meditating without distractions.

4. Cleaning whenever, however you like.

5. Fine dining.

6. Marking your territory.

7. Melting away your troubles.

8. Cuddling with your best friend.

9. Snacking whenever you want without being judged.

10. Making a mess.

11. Being able to properly relax.

12. Dancing like nobody is watching.

13. Working whenever you want.

14. Enjoying a cup of tea whilst watching the rain.

15. Having the whole place to yourself.

16. Playing with your pup.

17. Being a little clumsy.

18. Binge eating all you want.

19. Eating all of the cookies, because you can.

20. Enjoying some peace and quiet.