20 Times Cats Didn't Have Time to Pose for Your Annoying Selfies

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Cats aren't known for being great at photography, mainly due to their lack of opposable thumbs. As it turns out however, even if they could snap photos they're not exactly a fan of posing for them - just check out these hilarious selfies attempts as proof.

Notorious for being grumpy by nature it's clear that cats aren't always the most sociable of animals, so getting them to pose for a selfie in which they aren't scowling at the camera is near impossible.

1. Cat beard photo didn't go to plan.

2. There was an attempt.

3. "I hate you all."

4. "My cat obviously hates selfies."

5. "Why are you like this!?"

6. "Taking a selfie with my derp face human."

7. Away for six months, still didn't want to take a selfie.

8. Cat.exe has stopped working!

9. That moment you catch someone taking a photo of you.

10. How to tell if your cat hates taking selfies...

11. "Enough."

12. "Taking photos of my new lipstick today."

13. Christmas eve pictures with the cat didn't go so well.

14. Tried making friends. Didn't work out.

15. The face of sadness.

16. Trying to take a cute cat photo like...

17. This cat does not approve.

18. Smile for the camera!

19. Not in the mood.

20. "Let's take a selfie!"