30 Times Cats Proved That If It Fits, They Really Will Sit

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Although we'll likely never know why cats are such jerks at times, there is a scientific explanation as to why they feel the need to climb in boxes and scope out tight hiding spots.

The first reason being that cats are instinctive predators. When you can't be see you can hide or sneak up on your pray, meaning cats love tight spaces. It's a win win. They can stay hidden from bigger predators whilst spying on their victims. The second reason is to preserve body heat. But perhaps the real reason is to prove us all wrong when we say "there's no way you're fitting in that."

1. If Maru fits he sits.

2. This is what success looks like.

3. Please do not water this species of plant.

4. "If it fits, we all sits!"

5. "My cat wouldn't accept the fact that the box was too small for him."

6. Sidewalk repairs are getting out of hand these days.

7. No box too small.

8. A cat returning to its liquid state.

9. Achieving the impossible.

10. Comfy.

11. If one fits they both sits.

12. That's one way to try on some contacts.

13. Mistakes have been made.

14. The purrfect place for a nap.

15. You're doing it all wrong.

16. There's one hidden inside every tree.

17. Behold a new species... the cat whale!

18. She's even chewed an armrest for herself.

19. Reunited with the basket be was brought home in. Still got it!

20. The most regal of sits.

21. "This is my life now."

22. "My cat fell asleep in my salad."

23. The perfect cat storage solution.

funny if it fits I sits cat 8

24. Even big cats can't resist.

25. Dad cat thought he was safe hiding in the sink... wrong.

26. Defying the laws of physics.

27. They said it couldn't be done... but who's laughing now!?

28. Room for two?

funny if it fits I sits cat 1

29. It's good to have a friend when you're down.

30. They really pack them in when you order online these days.