An Illustrated Guide on the Best Way to Annoy People in Different Countries

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Although we're not suggesting that the next time you visit a different country you try and make the locals mad, it's always handy to know what really annoys people - that way you can avoid being a nuisance.

Different countries and cultures have different rules of what is and isn't acceptable - and this is the thinking behind this funny series from online comic series Things In Squares.

The series lists the biggest no-no's you can do to different nationalities, from Americans to Italians and more, letting you know how you can avoid getting on their bad side. It is of course all a bit of fun - whilst breaking spaghetti in half before cooking it might not be the right thing to do we doubt you'll become public enemy number one for doing so. You can see more of Things In Squares here.

1. Peruvians

2. Indians

3. Germans

4. French

5. Japanese

6. Martians

7. Mexicans

8. Canadians

9. Americans

10. Italians