This Little Girl and Her Poodle Might Just Be the Cutest Thing Ever

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One-year-old Mame and her giant poodle Riku might just be the cutest best friends you've ever seen and they've got the adorable photos to prove it. Quite easily deserving of the title "Instagram's most adorable duo," Mame's grandmother documents what they get up to and then shares their fun filled adventures over on Instagram where they're followed by more than 80k followers!

Whether they're playing dress up, reading a book or simply playing Mame is always joined by Riku as well as her other two dogs Gaku and Qoo, although it's the bod between Mame and Riku that seems the strongest. Who wouldn't want a giant poodle by their side to help them get through the day!? we know we would. You can see more of the duo over on Instagram.