Pixar-Style Short Film About a Boy Coming out Goes Viral for All the Right Reasons

A short Pixar-style film has been making waves across the internet for it’s important and heartwarming message about tolerance and love. The short film titled In A Heartbeat was put together by Ringling College of Art and Design students Beth David and Esteban Bravo as part of their animation thesis – however it’s gone on to be much more than just a school project.

In A Heartbeat follows the journey of a young boy who’s struggling to come to terms with his feelings for a fellow peer, something which is rarely explored in the world of animation.

It also features an animated heart that plays as a mascot throughout the short which portrays the emotions and feelings shared by so many that it’s gone on to touch the hearts of millions of people. The project was crowdfunded over on Kickstarter where it receivedit’s funding five times over – and it was totally worth it!

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