22 Photos That Prove Roommates Are the Absolute Worst

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Whilst living with others has its perks - you'll never feel lonely and you've always got someone to talk to, it also comes with it's drawbacks. One of which is that the people you end up living with might love to play pranks all of the time. Pretty hilarious, unless you're on the receiving end of course.

In honour of all the people out there that like to prank the roommates and of course, to remember all of those that have fallen victim to them here are 22 photos that prove roommates can be the absolute worst.

1. The great roommate war.

2. Their roommate went away for a few day and now they have a HelloKitty computer.

3. Guy deals with his roommates mess in hilarious passive aggressive fashion.

4. He passed out early at a party. He has his roommates to thank for this.

5. "Thanks for the idea. Roommate comes home from vacation tomorrow."

6. He thought his roommate was bringing a girl back, so did this to his bedroom.

7. What a burn. From one roommate to another.

8. Cruelest prank ever.

9. The amount of effort that one roommate went to in order to hide the dishes.

10. "I got a mannequin. My roommates are going to LOVE it."

11. Simple yet effective.

12. He went away for a few weeks, so they walled off his room.

13. Paying rent, like a boss.

14. Good thing this pranks is in the bathroom.

15. If your roommate offers to replace your lost keys, never agree.

16. His roommates put a security tag in his wallet before he went shopping... he every shop alarm off and had no idea why.

17. A romantic gesture.

18. When your roommate works in a movie theatre.

19. Whilst away their housemates made their room into a utilities cupboard.

20. "Went to defrost the freezer. Seems my roommate has been having some fun."

21. Their housemate gets up at 4am for work. They left him a surprise.

22. "Woke up, half asleep, opened the door to the bathroom and my heart dropped down to my balls. Well played, roommate."