Someone Gave Their Chameleon a Miniature Sword to Hold and Now Everyone’s Joining In

Although chameleons are masters of blending into their surroundings thanks to their colour-changing abilities, as it turns out that’s not the only entertaining ability they have. They’re also pretty good at holding things – as proven by Olive, a chameleon owned by Michigan-based artist Emma Ward.

Ward shared photos of her tiny Chameleon named Olive over on Twitter, showcasing her pets excellent swordsmanship and prop-modelling abilities to the entire internet. The post went viral with more than 400,000 likes and 170,000 retweets making Olive one of the most famous chameleons on the internet and also inspiring others to show off their pets and their object wielding abilities.

From flying squirrels to other chameleons people started showing off their pets that instinctively grab things, arming them with toy axes, swords and even a tiny plastic RPG and it will likely make your day.

Artist Emma Ward shared a photo of her chameleon online demonstrating her abilities to old random objects…

And people loved it so much they started responding with their adorable pets too…

People were so inspired by Olive they even started making her fan art….

Inspiring even more people to join in…

Showing off their adorable chameleons.

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