This Guy Built an Entire Bedroom for His Dog Under Stairs and It’s Awesome

Anyone that’s had a dog will know just how strong the bond between pet and owner can be, so much so that you’re often willing to go above and beyond to take care of them, just as this guy did when he built his loveable pooch an entire bedroom – complete with inspiring artwork!

The Twitter user’s brother built a room under the stairs of their home for their doggo and when he shared photos of the finished pad they understandably went viral. With fresh paint and artwork hanging over the walls to nurture this doggies inner creativity.

Sharing before and after photos of the dogs new crib many people on Twitter were left impressed and slightly jealous, adding that he’s now living better than they are! for more info head to Twitter.

This Twitter user’s brother shared photos of an entire room he purpose built for his dog


The photos understandably went viral…


He shared before and after photos of the room being built


And the final result is awesome, complete with comfy bed and artwork hanging on the wall


Leaving many to complain that this doggo is now living better than they are!


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