This Multi-Level Go Kart Track Is Pretty Much Mario Kart in Real Life

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Just when you thought go karting was fun, someone goes and takes it up a level with multiple levels and spirals that will have you feeling like you're playing Mario Kart in real life. Based in the US state of Missouri, Branson Tracks has multiple karting circuits that allow you to channel your inner Mario and the good news is there's plans for another.

You'll no longer have to be in the midwest to enjoy the thrills of karting up and down ramps on multiple levels as there are plans for a new track to open right next to Niagara Falls where you'll be able to race others across four levels of elevated track.

The new Niagara Falls location is due to be finished in 2018 and once open will be known as the Niagara Speedway. It will also be the largest attraction of its kind in North American, drawing crowds of people from all over for it's unique go karting experience, but that's not all that it will have to offer.

There will also be a 4D motion theatre, simulators and if you're feeling brave enough a zombie exhibit too (we think we'll just stick to the karting). As for the rules whilst driving we assume you can't throw barrels at other drivers or chuck bananas behind you to win the race, but if the current attraction is anything to go by the new one will be just as fun.