A Suitcase with Your Face on It Might Look Ridiculous, but It's Actually Pretty Genius

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As if going on holiday wasn't already a logistical nightmare when trying to get to the airport, when you finally reach your destination you're faced with the problem of finding your luggage again - but that post-flight drama might be a thing of the past thanks to London-based online retailer Firebox, who've come up with a clever way to make sure you and your luggage are reacquainted.

The solution? Head Case. A suitcase with your very own face printed on it - if you don't mind parading your own face around the airport of course. All you do is upload your high-quality photo to their website and they'll do the rest!

You don't have to put your own face on the suitcase either. It can even be a celebrity or a significant other. It might look ridiculous, but you'll be the one laughing when collecting your luggage is easy.

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