Each Day This Photographer Gets Visited by More Than 200 Hummingbirds Outside Her Office Window

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Assistant researcher and photographer Melanie Barboni at UCLA’s Earth Planetary and Space Science Program first installed a hummingbird feeder outside her office window in the hope that she would be able to capture a few closeup photos of the elusive and beautiful looking creatures, but she got way more than she'd bargained for.

Two years and several bird feeders later she now estimates that more than 200 of the birds stop by her office window each day to grab a bite to eat, much to Barboni's delight. Taking full advantage of her visitors the photographer snaps some incredible shots of the birds as they perch at her window. Having grown up in Switzerland where hummingbirds are incredibly rare Barboni loves working somewhere where she gets to see them everyday and is referred to as 'the hummingbird whisperer' by her colleagues. Check out the video above for more information.